Is this the composite stock you’ve been waiting for? We have recently imported a shipment of these into Australia and they offer superb quality with affordability never seen before for such products. Grayboe are committed to making the best possible stock – to achieve this they start with an advanced material formulation specifically designed for Rifle Stock use, and combine it with a proprietary process that allows them to make high-end composite stocks for a fraction of the cost of others. We will be working closely with Grayboe to deliver their products and exemplary customer service to the Australian shooting community. Models will soon be uploaded to the website, but please contact us before then if you need further information.

Recoil Pads & Other accessories

We now supply quality Recoil Pads & other stock accessories to assist our customers put the finishing touches on their next stock.

The recoil pads we use are of the highest quality soft rubber, with a classically styled leather grained face. These pads are oversized & grind to fit to suit all of our various stocks & can be supplied in Red & Black, with Brown soon to come.

Single & Two Screw English steel grip caps can  be supplied to finish off that English Classic stock, along with Talley Steel Crossbolts & Two Screw inletted sling swivel studs. These are all in the white & still need fitting, finishing & blueing.

We also supply various stock finishing kits & Glass bedding kits. Contact us to find out more

New Stock Patterns

We are constantly evolving our range of inlets & shapes; new products available as of now include; Howa Mini-Action Thumbhole, Omark 44 Light Fly & Silhouette, Tikka T3 Monte-Carlo Varmint, Howa Mini-Action Thumbhole, Anschutz 1532 Thumbhole, Sako L579 ‘Jeff Wilkins’ style sporter & Brno ZKK 601 English Classic stocks. These will be addded to the website ASAP but are available currently. Several more are in the design / planning phase – these include the Lithgow LA101 Thumbhole & Silhouette, Tikka T3 American Classic Sporter & Montana 1999 English Classic stock patterns.

Semi-Finished / Semi-Inletted explained

Semi-finished or Semi Inletted is used to describe the level of completion our stocks are sold as. Our stocks are sold off the duplicator; this means there will be minor machining marks and small ridges to be remove by the purchaser or their stock-maker. Also, square corners in the inletting will need to be relieved. This is best done using a combination of chisels and various grades of sandpaper. For this reason, we machine the outside shape slightly oversize (Approximately 0.5mm unless specified) so that you can bring the surfaces down to final dimensions before applying your desired finish. Inletting is machined tight but as close to final dimensions as practicable, keeping in mind tolerances of the pattern stock copied and variances in metalwork by the manufacturer all contribute to the fit to your action. We tend to err on the minimum side of these dimensions (within reason) and aim to provide a good balance of the stock not requiring large amounts of work to fit but still without any unsightly gaps. The barrel channel may need to be opened out slightly to suit your particular barrel profile, and the forend tip is left square unless requested otherwise. Also, the desired recoil pad / butt plate will need to be fitted.

There are no free lunches here – the final fit and finish of the finished stock is determined by the quality of the job that is completed on the machined stock. However painstaking it is, take your time, go slow with a steady hand and remember your finished rifle will be looked at, touched, admired and used for a far longer time than it takes to do the job! Also, it will be an immensely rewarding process to go through knowing you have done the hard work!