About Us

Welcome to Hatchers Rifle Stocks, a business that was established after an opportunity arose to service the Australian shooting fraternity with a quality aftermarket rifle stock duplication service. Our main aim is to become the first choice for Australian manufactured semi-finished rifle stocks. A manually operated "Stock Duplicator" machine is used to machine a copy of an existing rifle stock (called a pattern) out of a selected blank, and is capable of maintaining extremely close tolerances in the finished product. We source completely air dried, and just as important - stable, high quality stockwood for our projects. This combined with strict procedures for storage and the roughing out/machining process minimise the chances of movement/warping once a stock is completed. Alternatively, quality Laminate solutions manufactured from various materials can be supplied alongside our Walnut options. When combined with one of our extensive and evergrowing Patterns, the aim is to give your rifle and your shooting an affordable enhancement.