Q) Do you offer fitting, finishing and checkering services if a customer isn't confident in doing it themselves?

A) Currently the Machined Stock workload is too heavy to take on this work, however we have several tradesmen we work in conjunction with spread around the country that have good experience with our machined stocks and the various work required to get them to a completed level

Q) If a particular inlet isn’t available for the stock style I want, can it still be made?

A) Yes, depending on the request it can. In some cases a new pattern stock will have to be made. Please send an enquiry to discuss your requirements.


Q) Can I supply my own pattern to copy a stock from?

A) Yes. Certain areas of the stock may need to be modified which will be confirmed prior to proceeding.


Q) Can I supply my own Rifle Blank?

A) Yes. Layout of the stock on your blank will be discussed prior to machining. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for any hidden flaws/defects that may be found in customer’s wood, however, we will stop machining at the point it is found and the customer notified. The customer may be liable for labour charges to this point. Also, as machinability between blanks can sometimes vary greatly, we reserve the right to charge an hourly rate if machine times run drastically over what is the norm.


Q) What types of wood do you stock?

A) Currently we have various grades of English walnut sourced from several suppliers around the world; with smaller quantities of Circassian walnut & paradox walnut.


Q) Where do you purchase your blanks?

A) Our stockwood is sourced through trusted wood suppliers who have been milling wood specifically for the firearms trade for many years.


Q) Do you do regular gunsmithing work?

A) No. Currently we specialise in machining precision semi-finished rifle stocks.


Q) Do you sell other stock products?

A) Yes. We can supply the following various stock accessories: Oversize grind to fit Recoil Pads, Acraglass Bedding Kits, Talley Crossbolts, English style Steel Grip Caps, Various Sling Swivels & Stock Finishing Kits. These products will be uploaded shortly to the web catalogue, in the meantime please contact us to request more info.